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Other Auto Discounts

Below are listed some additional private passenger automobile discounts for which you may be eligible.

Account Discount
A discount is applied to the premium of private passenger automobile policies who also insure their property (home, rental or condominium) with one agent.

Loyalty Discount
A loyalty discount of up to 4% is applied to eligible policyholders.

Age 65 or Older Discount
A 25% discount for all coverages will be applied if the principle operator is 65 years or older, there are no inexperienced drivers (0-6 years of driving experience), and the automobile is not customarily used in business.

Passive Restraint Discount
A 25% discount off of the premium paid for Parts 2, 3, 6, and 12 is available if your automobile is equipped with an air bag or automatic seat belts. (See the MA Auto Policy section of this web site for a brief description of the coverage parts.)

Annual Mileage
A 10% discount off of the premium paid for Parts 1 through 8 and Part 12 is available if your estimated annual mileage falls between 0 and 5000 miles. A 5% discount off of the premium paid for Parts 1 through 8 and Part 12 is available if your estimated annual mileage falls between 5001 and 7500 miles. Note that antique automobiles are not eligible for this discount.

Anti-Theft Discount
Anti Theft Discounts of up to 36% off of the premium paid for Part 9 are available for automobiles with various types of qualifying anti-theft devices.

Multiple Car Discount
A 5% discount for Parts 7 or 8 is available if an individual or married couple own two or more automobiles insured by the same company. The discount applies only to automobiles that have no inexperienced operators and are not customarily used in business.

Drivers Training
A 10% discount for Parts 1, 2, 4, 5, and 7 is available to operators licensed for less than 3 years upon completion of an approved Driver Training Program.

Good Student
The policyholder can take advantage of a 10% discount if the youthful assigned driver qualifies.

Student Away From Home
The policyholder can take advantage of a 10% or 15% discount if the youthful driver qualifies.

Paid In Full
Pay the full premium with New Business or the full balance on the first renewal bill and no finance fee or service charge is applied. You will also receive an additional 5% discount on coverage parts 1-12 when the annual premium is paid in full.

Green Discount
A discount on applicable coverage parts if you are enrolled in our Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payment plan or Electronic e-Bill (invoice) program combined with the Electronic Delivery of Forms (EDF) option.

Rewards for Safe Driving
Up to 25% for Excellent Driver Plus Discount (no accidents or incidents in past 6 years)
Up to 15% for Excellent Driver Discount (no accidents or incidents in past 5 years)
5% Group Discount for drivers who participate in the In Control Advanced Driver Training program and become members of Safe Roads Alliance.

Multi-Policy Discounts
10% - 20% Account Credits when you buy another insurance policy from Herlihy Insurance

Student Discounts
10% Good Student Discount (B or better average, Dean's List or Honor Roll)
10% Student Away at School Discount for students on your auto policy who are away at school, at least 100 miles away, without regular access to a vehicle.
Hybrid Vehicle Discount of 10%

e-Customer Discount
Up to 7% when you qualify for an Account Credit and select combined account billing with electronic policy issuance.

Loyalty Discounts
For continuous years insured with a company.



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