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Fall Time and our Activities

Posted on: September 18th, 2015 by Herlihy Insurance Group No Comments

Fall Activities

At this point most of my friends and family are out of summer mode and into their various activities. Most of us no longer have time to sit on the beach but are off to driving people places and attending all kinds of meetings and activities.

As you may be gearing up for any “unsummer” things here are a few things to consider.


If you are volunteering as a board member or trustee for a charitable organization, please recognize that trustees could be personally sued for actions or inactions of these organizations. Check that the organization you are working with provides you with Directors and Officers coverage AND check that your personal umbrella includes coverage for your volunteer activities.

Devoting more time to your “hobby”?

If your “hobby” produces more than $1500 in one twelve month period this could be a “business” and you should review your hobby with your insurance agent as you might just have created a small business.

Coaching a sports team?

Check that your personal umbrella policy is in place and that you know how it would respond to personal liability claims arises from your coaching activities.

Giving out rides or sharing your car?

When you are sharing carpooling tasks with others you should be all set. If you are participating in any “ride share” programs such as “Flight Car” in Boston your car insurance policy would EXCLUDE coverage for this use.

At our agency we love to hear what all of our clients are up to! Then we love to figure out that the insurance is “all set”.

September is HERE – Enjoy.

Presidents Letter

Posted on: July 7th, 2014 by Herlihy Insurance Group No Comments

On April 21st, the world gathered again in Boston to run and cheer in the Boston Marathon. This year was a huge success, in sharp contrast to the tragedies of 2013.

The days leading up to the running of this year’s marathon were highlighted by numerous documentaries and stories about those affected by the bombings. Most of the stories were about those who were injured and how they have persevered in their recovery. I’m amazed at the progress most of these people have made and the positive attitudes they have. I’m sure they have their moments of despair, but it appears as though most of them have accepted the challenges that have been thrust upon them.

Out of all the stories I saw, the story I got the most out of was the one told by one of the survivors at the tribute ceremony. She spoke about the loss of her leg and how it has affected her life. Her message was so perfect:

“In a matter of seconds, something can happen that can drastically change your life. We have no control over what happens, but we can control how we choose to react to these situations.”

What a great point! Everyone has difficult things they have to deal with in their life. It may be a death, disability, addiction, divorce. Some people’s issues are worse than others, but all are difficult for the individual. No matter how bad things are for the individual involved, we have a choice.

Let’s continue to remember and help the victims of the Marathon bombings as well as those around us as they deal with their own struggles every day.

Have a great spring and summer! It’s well deserved after a long winter!