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At Fault, Not At Fault And What An Accident Can Cost

Posted on: May 22nd, 2017 by Agent Mark No Comments


One question we get frequently from our clients is how much will my insurance go up after my claim?

Unfortunately there is no simple response for this question. The cost of any accident surcharge will vary depending on many variables such as the car your drive, your driving record and where you live.

One good development was that in July 2015 the Massachusetts Insurance department increased the property damage liability dollar amounts for Major and Minor at-fault accidents increased to $1001 and $5001 respectively. This means that your accident must have caused more than $1000 of property damage to be a surchargeable event.

This is all good news for consumers! However, some insurance companies have filed their own Safe Driver Insurance Plans and these plans have not complied with this new law. As a result these insurance companies are still charging surcharges for smaller accidents. Insureds then have to appeal these surcharges in order to get this corrected.

The intent of the increased property damage liability dollar amount was to apply to all Massachusetts drivers.

We do suggest that is you are involved in an accident you check to make certain that you are not charged for surcharge that may not be necessary! Your driving record could be impacted for up to six years.

Clarification of this law is presenting before the senate. If you would like the law clarified so that no insurance company shall apply a surcharge as a result of an accident that does not qualify under the new $1001 and $5001 thresholds, please ask your senator to support Budget Amendment 41!

This amendment will require all Massachusetts auto companies to comply with the regulation change from July 2015 and help keep your premiums lower if you are involved in an accident.

Safe Driving!

Wait…Did That Billboard Say Herlihy?

Posted on: March 10th, 2017 by Agent Mark No Comments

If you are driving down 290 this month you just might see our name………………

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 8.27.02 PM

Now I know a lot of people do not think that insurance is WICKED GOOD and might be confused by this.    I know that many consumers  think of insurance as a bill they  pay for something they never get.

For many fortunate families and businesses that may be  true.  Then there are another group of families and businesses that have experienced insurance losses and know the benefit of  “wicked good”  insurance coverage and a “wicked good”  insurance advocate at claim time.

What makes us WICKED GOOD?

After more than 90 years, we are still a group of local insurance professionals providing “REAL” insurance protection to our clients.  Our goal each day is to meet or exceed our client’s expectations.  I must admit we are a much more diverse group in 2017 than we were in 1927!  Our agency diversity has  definitely enhanced our capabilities to meet our goals.

Herlihy Insurance Group is proud of its local roots and local insurance talent as well as our Team Herlihy commitment to our local community.

We thank our loyal clients for the opportunity to work with them and look forward to serving more of our neighboring family and businesses in 2017.

Just take it easy going by our billboard!!


So, Who Is Living With You These Days?

Posted on: March 10th, 2017 by Agent Mark No Comments

room-insuranceSo who is living with you these days? Do you have a “co occupant?”

We don’t mean to be personal………….but we do want your insurance to work!

If you happen to be living with a non relative person and you want to include them on your insurance, there are a few steps you should consider.

First your car insurance, please check that they are listed as a driver.  In Massachusetts they can be a “deferred” driver if they have their own MA car insurance policy. All household members should be listed on your policy.

On your home, apartment or condo insurance policy, check that you have added the Co-Occupant Endorsement that adds insurance coverage for your co-occupant. This added endorsement will extend property and liability coverage to your co-occupant.

When we ask you about who is living with you, we truly are not being nosy! We’re just making sure that we have provided you with the proper insurance protection.

Questions about how to provide insurance protection for other members of your household? We at Herlihy Insurance Group would be happy to assist. Email or call us today with your questions.