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New Business Coverage Email

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We have begun our Business Coverage of the Month email blast, each month we will highlight an important insurance or risk management topic for today’s business owner.

If you are interested and have not received our early installments, email Jim Herlihy at to be included.

All You Can Do – Registry of Motor Vehicles

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We received the following email from one of our clients last month;

“We were stopped this weekend for speeding by a state trooper, my husband was driving and unknown to him his license had expired in March. If the trooper had not been a “nice guy” and let me drive the rest of the way home, it would have been a $1,000 fine on top off being taken into custody, towing our car and a speeding ticket. We were lucky the trooper let us go, he did say they can not issue warnings for an expired license and the fine is automatic. Yes it’s $1,000 no longer $100. WOW!!”

Some good news, the Registry of Motor Vehicles has a License Reminder Service that will remind you by email, phone or text message 30 days before your license expires. More good news, it’s FREE of charge!

You can sign up for this free reminder service at Got us to thinking what else can I do online with the RMV. The answer is a lot.

Online Transactions include:

  • Change Your Address
  • Free Fast Lane Sign Up
  • Permit Inquiry
  • Order Special Plates
  • Pay Citations (Tickets)
  • Renew Your Drivers License
  • Renew Your Registration
  • Replace Your Mass ID
  • Request a Duplicate Registration
  • Verify Your Drivers Ed Certificate
  • Duplicate Titles
  • License Inquiry
  • Mass/Liquor ID Inquiry
  • Organ & Tissue Donor
  • Registration Inquiry
  • Renew Your Mass ID
  • Replace Your Drivers License
  • Request a Driving Record
  • Title/Lien Inquiry
  • Free License Renewal Reminder Service

Utility Services – Direct & Indirect

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Utility Services

During the past few years we have seen numerous examples of local homes and businesses experiencing lengthy power outages.

Whether these are caused by natural forces like the ice storm of 2008 or tornado and hurricane of 2011, or a transformer “explosion” these events have left many businesses without power for prolonged periods of time. For some businesses, these power outages can lead to significant loss of income and product damages.

Utility Services coverage is designed to provide coverage for a loss caused by the interruption of service to your location. The interruption of service must be from a Water Supply, Communication or Power Supply and must result in direct physical damage to “your property”. In our agency the most common loss we see is the loss of electrical supply to a business.

A recent example of this was a fire at a local National Grid substation. This fire knocked out the power of a local restaurant for three days. As luck would have it, the loss of power occurred on a weekend, the busiest days of the week. The loss included damage to refrigeration equipment, computer systems, food spoilage & 3 days loss of income. The loss totaled more than $25,000.

Would your business suffer if there was a loss of power, water or communication services to your location? Would this type of loss result in loss of income? If so, you should review your policy. This coverage is NOT automatically included on all policies! Some insurance policies include some coverage for this, $10-50,000. Contact us to review your policy for your exact coverage and limits.

News to Know

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Storage Units and Your Insurance

Survey says, ten percent of all households rent some type of storage unit. If you are one of these unit renters, please check in with us on your insurance coverage. Home insurance may provide some VERY limited coverage for your unit contents. If you are a business owner using a storage unit we also need to hear from you. Your entire rental unit of contents may need additional insurance.

E Discounts and E Savings

Paying online and receiving your policy via Email not only saves trees, it may also save you and your family money. If you have not already taken advantage of these discounts, Email us today @ to learn more about your E savings options.

Employees and Your Home

Just a reminder that if you have any “employees” at your home, (think child care or elder care workers) you do need to have Workers Compensation for these individuals. The annual cost for this coverage is approximately $260!

Spring is Here, Got Flood?

Short answer is… most people do not have flood insurance. A better question, Do you need flood insurance? We recommend everyone check out your own home and the NEW FLOOD ZONES. Go to, input your address and see where you are or give us a call and we’ll check it out for you. Remember, Flood is NOT INCLUDED on your property policy.

Automobile Medical Payments

It is no secret that out of pocket medical expenses for individuals and families is on the rise. Most health insurance co-pays and deductibles have increased in the past 5 years. We wanted you to know that you can add Medical Payments coverage to your car insurance policy. Then if you do have an accident, your car insurance with additional Medical Payments can help cover the cost of those medical expenses. Cost for $5,000 of Medical Payments will run about $10 – $35 per car.

Don’t Be Tim

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Umbrella Policy

We would like to share with you our UMBRELLA story for this spring. We always think, why would I ever need this? Well here is one real life story about a Herlihy Group relative.

Our relative, we’ll call him Tim, was driving on the highway when a truck bed liner from the truck in front of him fell onto the highway directly in front of Tim’s car.

Tim swerved to the right to avoid hitting this obstacle and in the process side swiped a car. The side swiped car was pushed off the road and rolled down an embankment. The driver of that car was critically injured.Tim’s car insurance company paid out the limits on his car insurance policy. Tim thought his limits were great at $100,000. Unfortunately the critically injured driver sustained medical and rehab expenses that far exceeded $100,000.

Tim did NOT have an UMBRELLA policy. He was forced to hire an attorney and cover a negotiated settlement with his personal assets. If Tim had included an umbrella policy in his insurance program, his umbrella would have provided additional liability protection for him.

This is just one real life Herlihy example about why we think YOU should have an umbrella. Today approximately twenty five percent of our clients have an UMBRELLA policy. Are you one of them?

If you are not or you are not sure, give us a call or go to our website and request your umbrella policy quote today!

Tim does have a personal umbrella policy now. In closing, please consider our request… Don’t be Tim! Next newsletter we will share with you our Don’t be Gary story about the paint ball game in the back yard.

Team Herlihy in Action

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For more information on Team Herlihy and  how you can take an active role, contact John Herlihy at

We are very thankful to all our Team Herlihy volunteers this year helping to make a difference in our communities. If you have not had the opportunity to participate so far, please give us a call for upcoming events where you can make a difference.

Be Like Brit, Britney Gengel’s Poorest of the Poor Fund - One of our favorite organizations to help out, Check out Jim and Nick Herlihy and their monster efforts in Haiti in Jim’s President’s letter. We encourage everyone to get involved, buy a brick, join the mattress drive, learn about all the opportunities at

Heroes Day 2012 - Great Futures Start Here, join the Boys & Girls Club of Worcester celebrating the unsung heroes among us June 16th , 10am–2:30pm at University Park in Worcester. Games, Raffles, Entertainment and more will be available for all ages. Learn how you can help Team Herlihy by calling us directly or more information at

Referral Rewards Winners

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Just Keep Talking… For every referral we receive, you will be entered for a chance to win, with rewards drawn monthly, quarterly and yearly. We’d like the opportunity to earn the business of your family, friends and co-workers.

3 Chances for you to Win!

All referrals are entered in the following drawings:

Monthly: $50 American Express Gift Card
Quarterly: Apple iPod
Year-End: Grand Prize – High Definition Flat Panel Television

Referral Rewards Winners

To enter your referrals or have an idea for rewards you would like to see included in our Referral Program, Call us, email us at or use this form.

President’s Letter

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Recently my son Nick and I were fortunate to be able to join a local mission group on their trip to Haiti. Be Like Brit is a non profit group dedicated to building an orphanage in Haiti. This organization was started by a local builder, Len Gengel, who lost his daughter in the 2010 earthquake. I’m sure many of you know of Len and his “journey”.

This trip was an amazing excursion for both Nick and myself. It is a trip that we plan to make again. Traveling from the “richest” country in the world to one of the “poorest” is quite an experience. The people of Haiti are extremely appreciative of what little they have. The Haitian people we met were a cheerful and family oriented group. It was unclear to me how they “viewed” their world, but it was extremely clear to me that they were committed to being positive about their situation. Our witnessing these positive attitudes amidst quite challenging conditions, provided us with a fresh perspective on our days.

For many, things in the US have been challenging for the last few years. At this writing, gas prices continue to rise: the job market for too many is unstable at best; and our political processes before us, (no matter what your politics!) are frustrating.

In spite of these factors, I do believe that the United States is still the best place to live, work and raise a family.

Although you were not able to accompany me to Haiti, I am hopeful that the sharing of this experience will remind all of us to be mindful and thankful for all that we do have. Family, friends, relationships, opportunities… my list goes on. If you are reading this you are part of that list!

Have a great spring & summer!!

Check out our Facebook Page for all our Haiti pictures! It was HOT!!

Jim Herlihy