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Yes, We Insure That!

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Why Herlihy? Because we have solutions to your insurance problems. Anyone can help you with your Property, Liability and Workers Compensation insurance. We can also help you when life throws you a curve ball and insurance is difficult to find.

With over 500 classes of business to choose from and unique coverages, superior service and competitive prices, we can help solve your problems. While the list is varied and numerous, here are some of our most recent saves;

Vacant Building
Commercial and residential buildings, condominium units, rental space and partially vacant buildings. Replacement cost coverage available.

Specialty Training Schools
Up to 30 different types of instructional schools to include, Art, Dance, Music, Tutoring and Athletic Training, all include professional liability at no additional cost.

Youth Sports Organizations
Organizations with athletic participants up to age 18 to include, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Tennis and Golf.

Concessionaires and Vendors
Indoor and Outdoor Vendors, Seasonal Lots, Hot Dog Vendors, News Stands, Mall Kiosks, Christmas Tree Lots. Products and Completed Operations is included.

Fitness Centers
Independently Owned, Franchised, Express and 24 Hour. Circuit Training, Pilates and Yoga, includes professional liability.

When you don’t know where to turn, turn to Herlihy Insurance. We have the ability to find a policy or build a policy to fit your needs.

You have questions, We have the Answers!

Lead Paint and Building Renovations, Contractor / Manager Beware

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For over three years now, The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has required all contractors and property owners/managers to know and follow the requirements found in the Lead-Based Paint Renovation, Repair and Painting Program Rule. The rule is aimed to protect against lead-based hazards found with renovations, repairs and painting jobs. The rule requires all workers to be trained to use lead-safe work practices and requires contractors to be EPA-certified. We have found the rule to be little known or followed by contractors or property owners.

The rule applies to anyone of the following;

  1. Anyone who owns or manages housing or child-occupied buildings built prior to 1978
  2. Contractors who perform activities that disturb painted surfaces in buildings built prior to 1978 (Think; Home Improvement, Renovation, Rental Property Owners-Managers, Carpenters, Plumbers, Electricians, Painters, Maintenance)
  3. Anyone disturbing more than 6 sq.ft. (interior) or 20 sq.ft. (exterior)

Renovation is very broadly defined and includes most repair, remodeling, and maintenance activities, including window replacement. Contractors in violation of the EPA regulation can be fined up to $32,500 for EACH violation.

Special attention should be paid by property owners that conduct their own work on their own properties or use employees from another business to complete the work. In these scenarios, both landlord and business entity could be subject to penalties and fines for non-certification.

When completing any work on buildings built prior to 1978, you have questions?

Call us, We have the answers.

On the Move… And the U HAUL

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Moving Truck

The phone calls have started! In our extended family we have a pickup truck. For many years this truck appeared at numerous “moving on…” sessions.

It was pretty simple. My Dad would call around and let tall strong people know which relative was moving and then the truck and the “mover relatives” would appear. It was a brilliant system. I was the beneficiary of at least 8 moves.

Unfortunately that pickup is so old now that it can not leave its zip code and many of the past designated “movers” have real jobs. As a result a few of our relatives are on to U HAUL!

As my sister in-law laughed, “I can’t wait to see Alison driving that truck” and I thought to myself this could be a problem.

You see from our “Insurance World” we know that when we rent a LARGE TRUCK our car insurance does not always follow along with us. Our Massachusetts car insurance policy provides us with some insurance for our “replacement vehicle” (like when we go on vacation), but not necessarily coverage for a LARGE TRUCK.

SO here are a few questions to ask your insurance agent before you rent your next “moving truck”.

  1. Will my car insurance provide coverage for that LARGE TRUCK I am renting when I move?


  1. How will my stuff be insured while it is actually in that truck?

Best wishes for safe moving and many helping relatives! I really hope Alison does not hit anything!