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It will a short work week here at Herlihy Insurance Group. Everyone here is excited about a long holiday weekend. There is lots of chatter about who is cooking what and who is driving where.

As we all get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends, we do want to take a moment to share our THANKFULNESS with those near and far.

The question is how do we include all that we are thankful for? Instead of a long list we are sharing with you this image!

Team Herlihy in Action

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August 24th

Holden Days and our huge fire truck slide. Six hours of non-stop fun at our annual event supporting the Wachusett Area Chamber of Commerce. Families and kids of all ages were out in force to take part in a great Wachusett area event.

September 7th

Saturday was a beautiful day on the banks of the Charles River in Boston as Team Herlihy was there for the Be-Like-Brit 5-K Walk. Our first year joining the Gengels and all their wonderful supporters, we were very pleased to have our team raise $1,500 for Be-Like-Brit.

September 29th

Team Herlihy rolled out friends and family in our second year participating in the Walk to End Alzheimers at Quinsigamond Community College in Worcester. Our group raised over $3,000 for the second year in a row and finished a top three team.

October 18th

Herlihy Pink Day was celebrated at our office on Pullman Street, Worcester. All employees celebrated Breast Cancer Awareness month decked out in their best Pink attire. Celebration included lots of special foods, drink, pink carnations and bracelets. Our challenge of $5 for every new “Like” on Facebook resulted in 50 new “Likes” and a donation to the Virginia Thurston Healing Garden of $250.

For more information on Team Herlihy and how you can take an active role, contact John Herlihy at

Next Up

Toy Drive for Boys & Girls Club of Worcester

Team Herlihy will be collecting toys in support of The Boys & Girls Club of Worcester. With tremendous growth comes tremendous need for additional toys each year. Our goal is to deliver 300 toys, half the amount needed, for the club’s Christmas party in December.

We are collecting unwrapped gifts for children ages 4 to 16 now through December 12th. Toys can be dropped off at our Worcester office or Team Herlihy members would be happy to pick up donated toys at your home or place of business. Thank you for helping us make this Christmas one to remember for The Boys & Girls Club of Worcester.

President’s Letter

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I think most people would agree that every American should have access to affordable health care. What is affordable, who is going to pay for it and what levels of health care will be included will most likely be argued for some time.

In Massachusetts, we’ve had mandatory health insurance since 2007. Most people have coverage for themselves and their family. In most cases, it’s provided by their employer with some sharing in the premium payment. For those who do not have access through their employer, there are options through the state run health plans. Either way, those who want health insurance have access to it.

While medical bills are a reality for most families, there are other events that are often overlooked. The death or disability of a loved one, especially the bread winner of the family, can be devastating. Another growing concern for many families is having to care for a mentally or physically disabled parent or spouse. These events can destroy the best financial plans.

This newsletter is meant to help educate everyone on what you can do to protect yourself from an unanticipated life changing event. I’ve seen firsthand, both with my family and clients of ours, what can happen. Whether or not you choose to insure for these events is up to you. For some, it’s just not financially possible. For others, they just choose not to. Our objective is to inform our clients so they that can make the best decision for their families.

I hope you all have a great holiday season. If you have any questions or comments, email me at

Snow Plowing Questions Answered

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Many people add plows to their trucks in the winter in the hopes of generating some additional income in the winter months. How and where you place your insurance can be as important as the jobs you get this winter. Quick look at some common questions we receive;

I have a plow on my pickup truck, Do I need a commercial auto liability policy?

Not Necessarily. A snow plow does not disqualify your truck from a Personal Auto Policy (PAP) even if you are using the truck for paid services. If you are operating as an individual, a PAP with a business use Class# 30 may do the trick.

I plow for a town and businesses that require additional insured status, Do I need a commercial auto policy?

YES, regardless of the size or ownership of your vehicle, an additional insured Can Not be added to a PAP. A Commercial Auto Policy (CAU) is your answer. We can add Additional Insured endorsement to meet your obligation.

I have added a plow to my truck, Is physical damage included for my plow?

Yes you can include physical damage coverage for your plow. You must make certain you have physical damage coverage for your truck and add the additional value of the plow.

I have a Commercial Auto Policy, Does my insurance include coverage if someone slips and falls and is injured after I have finished plowing?

NO, One of the biggest exposures all plow operators have is accidents occurring after they have cleared the property, Completed Operations. Completed Operations should be covered under your Commercial General Liability policy. Some companies have limitations on where you are plowing (driveways, streets, parking lots, etc.); get your answers before a claim comes in.

All plowing operations are different, and each company handles snow plowing their own way. For the answers that fit your plowing operations…

Call Us. You have Questions, We have the Answers!

Bill Paying Strategies

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The weekend will eventually be upon us and it is true that I will be making a confession of sorts.

I forgot, neglected, messed up and did not pay an important insurance bill.

Now in most cases I would just take care of any insurance things. Reapply —-Send the money —– and we would be all set.

In this particular case the bill I forgot to pay was my husband’s life insurance.

So this weekend I will confess to my husband that I missed this bill and watch my husband complete his new application for his life insurance coverage.

For many this may not be a big deal. For us it may not be pretty. My husband hates insurance and forms. My only hope is that the Patriots play well on Monday and I get him to complete his application while they are winning.

Once I get this part done, then my husband has to have a physical of sorts to prove that he is insurable. Stayed tuned for the update on that one!

Now, back to my bill paying strategies. You can be assured that I am changing all of our life insurance policies to automatic electronic payments so this does not happen again.

Hope the Pats play well and I recommend that everyone checks their Life Insurance premium due dates or have a better bill payer “in house” than I!

My Lunch Time Run

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I went running this afternoon during my lunch break. For me this is an opportunity to clear my head, leave my work behind for a few minutes and get in some exercise.

As I headed down a street in our neighborhood, I stopped in front of a two family house that had just suffered a large fire loss. The windows were boarded up and the roof had a hole in it. There were about a half dozen guys walking around looking at the charred remains of this home.

I thought to myself, well it won’t be that bad. I am SURE they had insurance and can rebuild. I then began to think about this property owner and thought…

  • I hope they paid their bill on time.
  • I hope they updated their limits so their home was insured to value.
  • I hope that they included Ordinance of Law coverage because I could see this was an older building and they may be subject to new building codes during their rebuild.
  • I hope they had added that replacement cost coverage to their home and their contents.
  • I hope that they included loss of rents coverage.

This scene of this charred home reinforced to me that as agents we can never stop reminding our valued clients how their insurance works and what we recommend.

When the fire hits, we want your property and your contents covered.

Once I got back to my desk, I received an email from our local high school.

Here is an excerpt from this email:

Family in Need of Assistance
A recent fire in XXXXX has displaced a family. All possessions, including clothing, have been destroyed. If you would like to help, please consider a gift card donation. A suggestion put forward has been Target as both clothing and food can be purchased in the same location.”

I do not know this family, but our family will send a gift card as they are neighbors in need.

Then for me it will be back to work trying to think of ways to get our clients to review their coverage so that if there is a claim they will have the insurance they need.

And, I am rechecking the smoke detector batteries in our house tonight.