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Where was Jim Herlihy working last week?

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Not in his office! Haiti!

As they say, a few pictures are worth a thousand words.

Be Like Brit - Hati

Be Like Brit - Hati

Be Like Brit - Hati

Workers Compensation, Take a Pro-Active Approach

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Looking back to the early 1990’s Massachusetts claimed one of the highest workers compensation costs for employers in the country. The state stepped in, reformed the system, and over the next twenty years Massachusetts businesses saw costs drop by over 60%. For the past 11 years rates have either remained the same or decreased bringing us to where we are today.

It is difficult (if not impossible) to find a business that has decreased the price of their product by 60% and had a price freeze for 11 plus years. What we do know is the cost of healthcare, employee wages, and the amount of time injured workers are out of work are all on the rise. Industry insiders are concerned that without significant rate relief (increase), more insurance companies will look to exit the workers compensation market driving businesses to the state assigned-risk pool and higher rates for all employers.

What’s a Massachusetts business owner to do? Be pro-active and plan.

  1. Look to implement or update safety programs, nothing will drive your costs up faster than frequency and severity of claim activity.
  2. Question your classifications, know where your employees are classified and how employees are handled that fall into one or more classifications.
  3. For contractors, make sure you have filed for and are receiving your contractor’s class credit on eligible employees.
  4. Find an insurance advisor who can educate and recommend solutions specific to your business.

One safe bet, with an economy slogging along and a lack of bipartisanship in Washington, 2014 will continue to provide a challenging business environment.

For more ideas and ways to control your Workers Compensation costs, call us.

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Pothole Season is Here!

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Now that most of the snow and ice are finally off our Massachusetts roads, we meet up with Potholes.

I can never decide what exactly to do when confronted with a large pothole. Do I hold on and go straight over? Do I veer left or right and try to dodge the pothole and hope that there is no car next to me during this maneuver? Do I stop and wait until my GPS recognizes the obstacle and redirects me?

Which ever option I chose you can be certain that my car is not happy and my language is always colorful. Potholes are just not fun and most people can’t avoid hitting a few during pothole season.

So, when your pothole number is up and you hit one, here are a few things to consider.

  • The damage caused by a collision with a pothole is covered by your Massachusetts car insurance policy if you carry collision coverage.
  • Any claim payment would be subject to your collision deductible AND you may get assessed a surcharge on your driving record.
  • Before you enter your claim for your pothole collision, always ask about the potential surcharge on your driving record.

Wishing you a safe Pothole Driving Season!

Super Heroes Were Everywhere Saturday!

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Super Heroes

You might have missed this mass sighting of Super Heroes this weekend, so I thought it would be great to share.

These Super Heroes were in the most unlikely of places. There were seen along the 18 miles of the Boston Marathon route. They came from all walks of life and truly did seem to possess SUPER POWERS during this training run.

As many trained for the Boston Marathon in full costume, it was clear to see that some thing special was happening.

One of my favorite groups is the Dream Far Marathoners.

Check out these photos of the Dream Far High School Marathon Program Super Heroes!

These Dream Far runners are all training for the Providence Marathon. Way to go Super Heroes!