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Herlihy Insurance Group wishes all a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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Green Plates and Faded Red Plates are Failing Vehicle Inspection!

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This past week we have had numerous calls from frustrated clients who have been “REJECTED” at their vehicle safety inspection because of their license plates.

In our house vehicle inspections are always fraught with peril. Some one is usually driving a vehicle that may have an issue or two. I love quoting one of my daughters about vehicle safety inspections. She said, “I didn’t know you could get numbers on the stickers. I have only gotten letters!” Typically our rejection reasons were not plate related.

For our clients that are not passing inspections due to their plates, there are basically two groups.

Green Plate People: These clients need to replace their green plates with red plates IF the inspection station indicates that Green Plate is not readable.

Red Plate People: These clients have either faded plates or lost or misshapen plates.

Just give us a call if you plate issue and we can walk you through the process. You can also find good information on this topic at the MASS Department of Transportation.

For our clients at Herlihy Insurance group we are ready to assist our clients with their plate issues. Our agency has complimentary registry service for all of our clients.

Best wishes for “Only Numbers” on your Inspection Stickers!

What did you do with your Sunday?

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Here is a picture of Henry and Paul and here is what they did with their Sunday.

Henry and Paul were part of the Cox Providence Marathon in Providence on Sunday morning. Henry and Paul are members of the Dreamfar High School Marathon Team.

This is an unbelievable program that gathers high school runner and nonrunners alike and trains with them from October through May.

As the Dreamfar website says, “Dreamfar High School Marathon turns the road into a classroom. We challenge high school students to reach their full potential through hard work, perseverance and commitment.”

Congrats to the entire Dream Far team on a very successful race day!

You can check out their photos here!