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Referral Rewards

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Our Referral Rewards program continues to be a hit with our clients as each referral gets you entered to win in three drawings; Month, Quarter & Year End.

New prizes include Quarterly iPad-Mini’s. Call us, fill out this form or email your referrals to take your shot in the final quarter and year end drawings,

Our most recent Winners include:

$50 Gift Card / Monthly

  • Andrea Goodman (Worcester)
  • Katrina Sweeney (Auburn)
  • Lindsay Bialecki (Newton)

President’s Letter

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Presidents Letter Fall 2014

A few weeks ago, while watching the Patriots/Bears game, I received a call from CSR/24, our emergency message system. One of our insureds had a major fire. The family was out of town and asked if I could stop by their house and check it out. When I got to the house, there were numerous police and fire at the scene, a real mess. I called our insured back, reported what was going on, and walked them through what needed to be done.

Being available when you need us is part of being an insurance professional and providing exceptional service. Whether it’s a claim, new purchase or a coverage question, we want to make it as easy as possible to communicate with us.

On December 1st, our agency will be rolling out a few new communication tools that we hope you will find useful.

To begin with, we have given our website a facelift aimed at providing simpler navigation and making it mobile-friendly. We are also very excited to launch our Client Services Portal which will provide you secure, online access to your insurance information, whether you are at home, work, school or in your car.

A few of the features we’ve added allow you to:

  • Pay your bill
  • Report a claim
  • Issue a certificate
  • View your Insurance Coverage
  • Send a message to your Herlihy Insurance Representative

We are excited to expand customer service and offer these additional client service options. I’m not ashamed to admit that I fall into the category of “old school”. While I still prefer a meeting or phone call, I recognize that technology allows us to provide better communication for many of our insureds. Our goal is to allow you to communicate with us the way you prefer. Please take the time to let me know how you think we’re doing.

I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving and holiday season.

Jim Herlihy

Commercial Autos

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The end of the year brings some unique situations for commercial trucks. We wanted to reach out to everyone and bring to your attention some of these.


Trailers renew Dec 1, most trucks Jan 1st

If you’re putting a new truck on the road, the RMV will charge ½ the plate fee from now until the end of the year and you will have to renew the plate for Jan 1st.

If you buy a new truck and don’t need it until after Jan 1st, you can title and pay the sales tax and get the plates after Jan 1st.

Don’t wait until the last few days to renew your registrations. The RMV can sometimes take 2-3 days to process paperwork when it’s busy.

If you’re putting a truck on the road for plowing, you can get Snow Removal plates which won’t expire until September.

Insurance Issues

If you’re not renewing the registrations on your trucks until the spring, we may be able to reduce the insurance during the winter to save you some money.

If you’re plowing this winter, the commercial auto policy only provides coverage while you’re plowing. If you’re responsible for slip and falls after you plow, you need liability insurance that provides snow removal.

Five Myths About Long Term Care Insurance and You Are Invited!

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Long Term Care

Myth #1: The government or health insurance will cover me.

Not true. Medicare, standard health insurance programs typically cover only skilled care.

Myth #2: I won’t need it.

The fact is the vast majority of Americans will need some type of long term care services as they age, particularly help with the activities of Daily Living (walking, bathing, dressing and eating).

Myth #3: I will be able to pay for it myself.

Assisted Living Facilities and residential care facilities can run over $75,000 per year. Long Term Care Insurance helps offset the cost of this care.

Myth #4: My family will take care of me.

Time and distance have made this more difficult for many families. Long term care insurance can help preserve your independence without burdening your family.

Myth #5: I can not afford Long Term Care Insurance.

We don’t think you can afford not to have it. The younger you are when you purchase this the lower the cost for the life of own long term care coverage.

Now are you Interested in learning the FACTS about Long Term Care insurance?

On November 12th, we at Herlihy Insurance Group are hosting “The Facts Of Long Term Care Insurance.” Brendan Herlihy CLTC, CFP will share with us all you need to know about this timely topic.

You are invited! Just email Mark Herlihy at to reserve your seat.

Daylight Saving Time!

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As we fall back with the clock change, is it time to take a look at other savings things? Your insurance perhaps? Okay, so it is not the first thing on your list BUT I guarantee you it is possible to save money and IMPROVE your insurance program by asking yourself the following “insurancy” questions.

  • Do I have my car , home and business insurance with the same agent? Maximum policies = Maximum Savings
  • Are my deductibles at least $1000?
  • Are my car and or home ALARM credits all accounted for?
  • Did I opt for the pay in full credit? (not for every one!)
  • Am I saving bill fees by using automatic deduction plans?
  • Did I ask about Group credits? (AAA, AARP)
  • Did my kids get their good student credits?
  • If I am not using my car for the winter, did I delete the insurance coverage not needed?

At Herlihy Insurance Group we hope that everyone KNOWs these things about their own insurance. How can we at Herlihy Group see that this happens? I am not exactly sure but we are working on it. Until then, these are a few of the things that keep me up at night and get me up in the morning!