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Who’s Hosting?

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House Party

As we roll into June the graduation party, wedding party and “BIG” birthday party invites tend to appear in our mail and email. This is always a very fun time of year to celebrate. Our family gets to visit with many friends and relatives that we may not have seen for a while. Each party is typically its own adventure of some sort.

There are the parties with the “ice luges” and the parties with the “bowling tournaments” and even a “Back to the Eighties” event. Each event definitely presents its own fun factor. Some of these events are hosted at homes and others at different venues.

We like to review with all of our clients the “Host Liquor” Coverage that may or may not be included on their personal insurance policies. If you are serving alcohol Host Liquor Liability is defined as follows:

Liability for bodily injury (BI) or property damage (PD) arising out of the serving or distribution of alcoholic beverages by a party not engaged in this activity as a business enterprise.

House Party

If you are hosting a party that is serving alcohol, please check in with your home insurance carrier to make certain that your Host Liquor Liability coverage is INCLUDED. As we know not all home insurance policies are the same and all party hosters should check on this before the invites go out!

We hope that you enjoyed all the parties this June. As Jay Herlihy would always say… “Take it easy.”

In the news last week… water main break!

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West Bridgewater Water Main Break

The water main break in West Bridgewater last week really caused quite a bit of damage. When we see these types of news stories they make us think about how the insurance will work.

So the truck damage from falling in this sunk hole is probably all set if they truck owner carried Comprehensive Coverage on the truck.

The damage to the home from the water and the driveway may be another story. That is why we recommend that all of our clients considering adding:

Service Line Coverage and Backup of Sewer and Water Coverage

These coverages are NOT included on your standard home or building insurance policy but we recommend that all of our clients do add these important additional coverages.

Here is one homeowner company’s explanation of the Service Line Coverage. The approximate cost to add this coverage is only $35!

Check your home or building coverage today to see if you would be covered for damage caused by a water main break. With all of the old infrastructure in our cities and towns, this coverage is truly valuable.