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Summer Life On The Liability Ledge

Posted on: July 16th, 2015 by Personal Insurance No Comments

As we in Massachusetts completely enjoy our summer weather, some of us in the insurance world can be restless and here is why.

Picture this – You are seated so comfortable in your beach chair, blue skies over head, cool beverages and friends by your side. You should not have a care in the world!

That is how my Saturday afternoon started. It was perfect. Enter the beach boaters, paddle boaters, kayakers, water skiers and my sunny afternoon got just a bit “cloudy”. It must be said that all of these beach people are “good people”. None of them are out to injure. Things just tend to happen!

I will not bore you with all of the exciting choices these people were making . Just know that I actually turned my chair so I was no longer facing the water. I am not sure whether it was the SPEEDING jet skis driven by the 12 year old or the parents jumping off the roof of the boats that caused me to turn my chair.

I do know that I spent quite a few minutes thinking that all of those people participating in boating and water sports that day truly needed a Personal Umbrella Policy. Summer time and all of its unique activities remind us again to make sure that Personal Umbrella Policy is active.

Next weekend I hope to be able to keep my chair facing the water and if you have not yet added a Personal Umbrella Policy to your insurance protection please do so once you get home from the beach!

Did I mention the home grown slip and slide created on the beach?

Happy Summer!