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Question for our agency…

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I was reading an online article this weekend about car insurance that just made me cringe. The article stated that policy holders are over charged by their agents. Help us correct this misconception!

The world of car and home insurance has changed dramatically over the last five years. At our agency we simply need more info about you to uncover ALL of your potential savings.

At Herlihy Insurance Group we BEG our clients to contact us at renewal time so that we may review ALL of their coverage and price options with our markets. Unfortunately for us only about 15% of our clients actually do this!

We email, call and write to our clients about reviewing their accounts so that we can make certain that they have the best insurance value that we can offer for their insurance dollars. Looking for ideas on how we can get out 15% to 50% of our clients to review their accounts with us this year and save 15% on their insurance program.

Any ideas for us? How can we make this simple for you and get you to maximize your insurance value? We’re listening! We’re here 8am – 4:30pm for calls and any time for emails!

One thing I do Know…

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Life Insurance

Although at times I did tell my kids, I know EVERY THING, this was never really true but things always went smoother when they thought this was the case.

I recently read this blog about Life Insurance and thought, perfectly said. All too often with our clients and friends and family we find that this Life Insurance “Thing” just does not happen. We all have our reasons and excuses for not getting things done, but this if there are people that depend on you, you really do need to make the life insurance thing happen.

Blog post: Of Course You Don’t Need Life Insurance!

Back to the one thing I do know, my life insurance is done and checked off my list. Why not join me in getting this done and crossed off your list?