New Driver At Your House? Know The Facts!

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teendriverWe all know it costs more to have a newly licensed driver in our house and you get a lot less sleep as you are waiting for that car to come back into the driveway.

A few expenses your new driver can avoid are the Junior Operator License Violation Penalties. These can quickly add up!

Check this out…

Violation 1st Offense 2nd Offense 3rd Offense
Passenger Restriction 60 day suspension
$100 reinstatement fee
180 day suspension
Driver Attitudinal Retraining Course
$100 reinstatement fee
1 year suspension
Driver Attitudinal Retraining Course Full Exam
$100 reinstatement fee
Time Restriction Violation

60 day suspension
$100 reinstatement fee
180 day suspension
Driver Attitudinal Retraining Course
$100 reinstatement fee
1 year suspension
Driver Attitudinal Retraining Course
Full Exam
$100 reinstatement fee
Speeding 90 day suspension
Driver Attitudinal Retraining Course & SCARR*
$500 reinstatement fee
Full Exam
3 year suspension
Driver Attitudinal Retraining Course & SCARR*
Full Exam
$1000 reinstatement
3 year suspension
Driver Attitudinal Retraining Course & SCARR*
Full Exam
$1000 reinstatement
Operating to Endanger/
Recklessly or Negligent
180 day suspension
$500 reinstatement
1 year suspension
Full exam
$500 Reinstatement
1 year suspension
Full exam
$500 Reinstatement

Junior Operator Driving Restrictions

The Passenger Restriction prevents a Junior Operator from carrying passengers under the age of 18 (except for siblings) during the first six months that the driver has his/her license. This restriction was designed to reduce the number of distractions that an inexperienced driver may face while driving.

The Night Restriction prevents a Junior Operator from driving between 12:30 am and 5:00 am, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. Accident rates for young drivers are higher late at night when they may be drowsy or tend to speed or take more risks

We hope this info helps you and your teens know more about the costs of driving. Keep them safe!

100 Days and Then What?

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Several times a year I hear about a family that is struggling with taking care of a sick relative.

In many of these cases this involves an adult child assisting an elderly parent. With an elderly person the medicare coverage is typically utilized.

Here is a very basic overview on how the medicare benefit pays.

  • Days 1 – 20: Medicare pays the full cost for each benefit period.
  • Days 21 – 100: Medicare pays all but a daily coinsurance. In 2017, it is $164.50 coinsurance per day.
  • After 100 days: Medicare provides no coverage after 100 days.

The question is after 100 days, then what?

For each person the options will be different depending on what they have selected for insurance.

My first question to any individuals reviewing their options is, Do you have Long Term Care Insurance?

The greatest benefit of Long Term Care Insurance is that this affords you more options for your care after your 100 days.

The statistics are that most people will spend two to three years needing long term care in the future.

This care is not covered by medicare.

Consider your family and friends….. Do you know someone who needed Long ‘Term Care?

If you are aged 50 or over, now is the time to look into your Long Term Care Insurance Options.

Your family members will thank you! Herlihy Insurance Group looks forward to assisting you with any Long Term Care Insurance questions. It is never too early to learn the facts about this over looked coverage.

Will Talk Time

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downloadConfession time here. It has taken me over two years to get my will documents signed and in order. I am relieved to say that at the time of this writing, my will is finally all set.

You are probably wondering…… why the delay?

My honest response is, there was no good reason. I just did not get around to getting signatures, getting notaries and mailing documents around. If I died without my will in place, things could be complicated.

When you die without a will, your property will generally pass according to state law (under the rules for intestate succession). When this happens, the state essentially makes a will for you. State laws specify how your property will pass, typically in certain proportions to various persons related to you. The specifics, however, vary from state to state.

Most state laws favor spouses and children first. For example, a typical state law might specify that your property pass one-half or one-third to your surviving spouse, with the remainder passing equally to all your children.

Even if it seems that all your property will be transferred by beneficiary designation, joint ownership, or trust, you should still generally have a will. You can designate in the will who will receive any property that slips through the cracks.

Now that the will task is completed I will move on to rechecking my life insurance. A grown up’s work is never done.

Risky business: Two–thirds of homeowners are underinsured

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protect-your-home1The J.D. Power survey indicates that two thirds of most homes in the United States are underinsured. Is yours one of them?

I think one of the most confusing parts of home insurance is that most consumers believe their policy limits are based on the real estate value of their home rather than the replacement cost of the physical structure.

Some clients in certain areas are upset with one simple issue; since the value of their home has declined why do they need so much insurance?

Your home insurance policy coverage limit should be for the cost to rebuild your home structure. With most rebuild situations we have seen that the cost to rebuild is frequently more expensive than building a new home. A few of the expenses that make this a fact are the demolition cost of the damaged building, the changes in local building ordinances and regulations and the increased cost of building materials.

Many consumers buy their home insurance policy when they purchase their home, pay their bills and do not review their policy coverage again.

We recommend that you take a look at your home insurance every two years to check the limit of coverage on your home or whenever you complete a home renovation project. At our agency we love when clients call us to review their home insurance coverage. It is a perfect opportunity to share with them how their policy works and what other coverage options they may want to consider.

The best way to find out the accurate rebuild value of your home is to review this with your local builder. In addition to checking with a builder you can also check out this website that provides you with an estimate rebuild value for homes.

Hope I got you thinking………………… much insurance do I have on my house?

Home Sharing and Your Home Insurance

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In our house there are not a lot of folks lining up to “home share” with us. Could be the kids, the bird or just me, but as of this posting, no inquiries have been made.

I do realize that there are a number of people out there who are using home-sharing companies to make some extra money. That is why I think it is important to review a few facts about most home insurance policies.

Home insurance policies were designed BEFORE home-sharing was a “thing”. On the standard home insurance policy provided in our office there are several provisions that may exclude certain coverages when you participate in a home- sharing service.

Here are a few things that may be EXCLUDED on your home insurance policy:

  • Loss to a structure (other than your residence ( garage, barn, carriage house) that is rented to others
  • Loss to personal property of your roomers, boarders and tenants.
  • Theft or your personal items from part of your residence that you rent
  • Your liability for bodily injury or property damage to others if rental is longer term

So if you do decide to home-share please contact your insurance agent to review your home insurance policy and any potential coverage gaps that need your attention.

Wait…Did That Billboard Say Herlihy?

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If you are driving down 290 this month you just might see our name………………

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 8.27.02 PM

Now I know a lot of people do not think that insurance is WICKED GOOD and might be confused by this.    I know that many consumers  think of insurance as a bill they  pay for something they never get.

For many fortunate families and businesses that may be  true.  Then there are another group of families and businesses that have experienced insurance losses and know the benefit of  “wicked good”  insurance coverage and a “wicked good”  insurance advocate at claim time.

What makes us WICKED GOOD?

After more than 90 years, we are still a group of local insurance professionals providing “REAL” insurance protection to our clients.  Our goal each day is to meet or exceed our client’s expectations.  I must admit we are a much more diverse group in 2017 than we were in 1927!  Our agency diversity has  definitely enhanced our capabilities to meet our goals.

Herlihy Insurance Group is proud of its local roots and local insurance talent as well as our Team Herlihy commitment to our local community.

We thank our loyal clients for the opportunity to work with them and look forward to serving more of our neighboring family and businesses in 2017.

Just take it easy going by our billboard!!


So, Who Is Living With You These Days?

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room-insuranceSo who is living with you these days? Do you have a “co occupant?”

We don’t mean to be personal………….but we do want your insurance to work!

If you happen to be living with a non relative person and you want to include them on your insurance, there are a few steps you should consider.

First your car insurance, please check that they are listed as a driver.  In Massachusetts they can be a “deferred” driver if they have their own MA car insurance policy. All household members should be listed on your policy.

On your home, apartment or condo insurance policy, check that you have added the Co-Occupant Endorsement that adds insurance coverage for your co-occupant. This added endorsement will extend property and liability coverage to your co-occupant.

When we ask you about who is living with you, we truly are not being nosy! We’re just making sure that we have provided you with the proper insurance protection.

Questions about how to provide insurance protection for other members of your household? We at Herlihy Insurance Group would be happy to assist. Email or call us today with your questions.

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

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We are grateful for our blessings and appreciate the efforts of our staff and the loyalty of our clients.

As Jay Herlihy always used to say to co- workers and clients alike ……….. “Thank You and Be Good”.

We at Herlihy Insurance Group wish you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.

Worcester’s Soaking

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Worcester Flash Floods

Last week Worcester was drenched on Friday night. Reports indicated that more than five inches of rain fell on the city within a few hours. Here is a view from one city street!

Although we hated the storm we do LOVE that this gets people talking about Flood Insurance and Coverage for Backup of Water and Sewer.

Flood Insurance is not included on standard property insurance policies. This is a coverage that needs a separate policy.

Coverage for Backup of Sewer and Water can be added to most standard property policies.

Here is a great link from the City of Worcester that reviews suggestions for residents to review regarding preparedness for area “flood” events.

One of their steps is:

Talk to your insurance agent about your coverage. Check out flood and sewer backup insurance.

We love to talk to our clients about this! Every property owner decides what additional coverage is right for them. You may purchase flood and or Back UP of Sewer and Water Coverage or you may decide not to.

We just want you to know about these options!

How high would the 100 year flood be on your building? Consider where you live, what bodies of water are near you and decide if you would like more info on Flood!

Hurricane Matthew and Your Insurance

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As we watch Hurricane Matthew take its toll on many locations, it is a good opportunity to review your own “hurricane coverage”.

We’ll start with the simple things first. Your cars and trucks!

If you have selected the “comprehensive” coverage option on your Massachusetts policy, this will provide you coverage from the types of claims that impact your cars and trucks’ during hurricanes. (For example, water damage, flood, and damage by a flying object, tree falling) So if your car is stationary during the storm you will be well covered. If you happen to be driving your vehicle during the storm, (not recommend) and you collide with something you would also need to have collision coverage on your vehicle.

Your home!

When a hurricane makes landfall, the shear force of hurricane strength winds can destroy buildings, topple trees and bring down power lines. When flying debris, such as signs, roofing material, building siding, and small items left outside, is added to the mix, the potential for building damage is even greater. These types of property damages caused by a hurricane will be covered by most special risk home insurance policies.

The coastal flooding triggered by hurricanes is as destructive as wind but can be even more deadly, and is by far the greatest threat to life and property along the coastline. Storm surge, wave, and tides are the greatest contributors to coastal flooding, while precipitation and river flow also contribute during some storms.

In addition to high winds and storm surge, hurricanes threaten areas with their heavy rains. Flash flooding, a rapid rise in water levels, can occur quickly due to intense rainfall over a relatively short period of time.

Coverage for storm surge, flash flooding or flood damage is not included on a standard home insurance policy. If you are concerned about any of these types of risks, you would need a separate FLOOD policy.

We also recommend that all homeowners include BACK UP of SEWER and WATER coverage on their property polices. When storms hit our area there is also potential for this type of loss to occur. This coverage is also not automatically included on a standard home insurance policy.

If you have any questions on how your policy coverage would respond in the event of hurricane damage, just let us know. We want our clients, friends and families to select the coverage that is best for them.

We at Herlihy Insurance Group will be keeping the all those in the path of Hurricane Matthew in our thoughts and prayers this week.