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At Fault, Not At Fault And What An Accident Can Cost

Posted on: May 22nd, 2017 by Agent Mark No Comments


One question we get frequently from our clients is how much will my insurance go up after my claim?

Unfortunately there is no simple response for this question. The cost of any accident surcharge will vary depending on many variables such as the car your drive, your driving record and where you live.

One good development was that in July 2015 the Massachusetts Insurance department increased the property damage liability dollar amounts for Major and Minor at-fault accidents increased to $1001 and $5001 respectively. This means that your accident must have caused more than $1000 of property damage to be a surchargeable event.

This is all good news for consumers! However, some insurance companies have filed their own Safe Driver Insurance Plans and these plans have not complied with this new law. As a result these insurance companies are still charging surcharges for smaller accidents. Insureds then have to appeal these surcharges in order to get this corrected.

The intent of the increased property damage liability dollar amount was to apply to all Massachusetts drivers.

We do suggest that is you are involved in an accident you check to make certain that you are not charged for surcharge that may not be necessary! Your driving record could be impacted for up to six years.

Clarification of this law is presenting before the senate. If you would like the law clarified so that no insurance company shall apply a surcharge as a result of an accident that does not qualify under the new $1001 and $5001 thresholds, please ask your senator to support Budget Amendment 41!

This amendment will require all Massachusetts auto companies to comply with the regulation change from July 2015 and help keep your premiums lower if you are involved in an accident.

Safe Driving!

Collector Vehicles – Are you a lucky owner?

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Collector Vehicles

We at Herlihy Insurance Group are working to get the message out on Collector Vehicles.

Recently on our office we have had a few calls about Bentley’s, Corvettes, Antique Fire Trucks and a few Mustangs.

All of these inquiries gave us the change to revisit a few important things that our Collector Vehicle owners may want to consider when selecting their insurance.

“Agreed Value Coverage”

This is what you want on your Collector Vehicle. Agreed Value coverage guarantees the policy will pay the full insured amount of the vehicle, inclusive of all sales taxes – with no depreciation – in case of a covered total loss.

Choice of Repair Shops and Parts

Certainly a valuable option that may not be on your policy.

Mileage Limitations

Check any mileage limitations. Some clients need unlimited miles.

Driver Limitations

Always review your drivers. Some policies exclude coverage for drivers under the age of 25.

Questions on your Collector Vehicle? Just give us a call or send us an email.

We will review your coverage with you and make certain you have the right coverage for your Collector Vehicle. Not all policies are the same!

Car Insurance Savings Tip

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As an independent insurance agency we represent a number insurance companies. One of the benefits of this is we are able to offer our clients many coverage and savings options.

In March one of our companies announced a new car insurance savings option and we think this one is worth mentioning to all of our clients.

The Pan Mass Challenge is an annual bike ride that has set the bar for athletic fundraising events. The 36-year old event has raised $500 million for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute through the Jimmy Fund, supporting both adult and pediatric cancer research and care.

As the official Auto Insurance Provider of the PMC, MAPFRE Insurance (Commerce Insurance) is offering a 5% discount on auto policies for insureds who donate $25 or more to the PMC. The Pan Mass Challenge is an annual bike ride that has set the bar for athletic fundraising events. The 36-year old event has raised $500 million for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute through the Jimmy Fund, supporting both adult and pediatric cancer research and care.

Donations can be made to the PMC either by donating to a rider, or by donating to MAPFRE’s virtual rider. Donations are accepted via online donation or check.

Click Here for more details on this program.

Question for our agency…

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I was reading an online article this weekend about car insurance that just made me cringe. The article stated that policy holders are over charged by their agents. Help us correct this misconception!

The world of car and home insurance has changed dramatically over the last five years. At our agency we simply need more info about you to uncover ALL of your potential savings.

At Herlihy Insurance Group we BEG our clients to contact us at renewal time so that we may review ALL of their coverage and price options with our markets. Unfortunately for us only about 15% of our clients actually do this!

We email, call and write to our clients about reviewing their accounts so that we can make certain that they have the best insurance value that we can offer for their insurance dollars. Looking for ideas on how we can get out 15% to 50% of our clients to review their accounts with us this year and save 15% on their insurance program.

Any ideas for us? How can we make this simple for you and get you to maximize your insurance value? We’re listening! We’re here 8am – 4:30pm for calls and any time for emails!

Do you have a cool car?

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Vintage Car

As I was driving home Sunday the traffic on RT 3 was pretty heavy. As I cruised along at 15 miles per hour for about 40 minutes, I was treated to the sight of a few very cool cars.

Three corvettes and two vintage roadsters were my RT 3 three cruising companions for about ten miles. I must admit I drove very carefully when passing these cars.

Then of course I thought about their insurance. I am positive that is what every fellow driver was thinking about as well.

  • Had they found a specialty car market to provide them with the type of insurance they needed?
  • Did they review all of their driver exclusions on their policy?
  • Had they added the additional coverage for all of their customized car accessories?

Because insurance is a thing for me, I know that less than half of all specialty cars are insured properly. Many classic cars are insured on standard car insurance policies. For most people it is just simpler to stay with a standard market company.

If you do have a classic car, please ask yourself the following questions!

  • Do I mind paying a significantly higher annual premium by insured my car on a standard policy?
  • Will I get the full value of my classic back if it’s totaled?
  • Do I have Agreed Value coverage?

These are very important question for any classic car owner. We at Herlihy Insurance Group have a few perfect markets for classic cars. Just let us know if you would like to review this option. Safe Driving!

Commercial Autos

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The end of the year brings some unique situations for commercial trucks. We wanted to reach out to everyone and bring to your attention some of these.


Trailers renew Dec 1, most trucks Jan 1st

If you’re putting a new truck on the road, the RMV will charge ½ the plate fee from now until the end of the year and you will have to renew the plate for Jan 1st.

If you buy a new truck and don’t need it until after Jan 1st, you can title and pay the sales tax and get the plates after Jan 1st.

Don’t wait until the last few days to renew your registrations. The RMV can sometimes take 2-3 days to process paperwork when it’s busy.

If you’re putting a truck on the road for plowing, you can get Snow Removal plates which won’t expire until September.

Insurance Issues

If you’re not renewing the registrations on your trucks until the spring, we may be able to reduce the insurance during the winter to save you some money.

If you’re plowing this winter, the commercial auto policy only provides coverage while you’re plowing. If you’re responsible for slip and falls after you plow, you need liability insurance that provides snow removal.