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Tips for your own phone mobile security!

Posted on: May 31st, 2017 by Agent Mark No Comments

phonesecurityWe had a family reunion this weekend that brought many of us together from all different parts of the country. Many of us flew in from various cities and one of us left our phone on the plane!

The good news about this phone left behind was that the phone contained the standard MOM entry in the contacts. Due to this MOM entry, the phone did get back to its owner after a few days in the airport lost and found.

Now what exactly was on that phone and how secure was it? Not really sure about what was on that phone but I do not since they called MOM from it, security was not fabulous.

Here are a few phone security tips we think might be useful!

  • Set a lock and pin on all devices (most phones have an “auto lock” feature).
  • NEVER connect to unsecure, public Wi-Fi options
  • Keep Bluetooth out of “discovery mode”
  • If this is a phone used for work, notify your employer immediately if a device is lost or stolen. There are remote “wiping” features that will clear a device’s data if it falls in the wrong hands.
  • Enable “Do Not track” in your mobile web browser
  • Use a recovery app to find a lost or stolen device
  • Add a contact to contact in the event of a lost phone. (Maybe not MOM)

By the way our family reunion was a great time! It was a great way to kick off summer! Hope you enjoy your summer days. They really are coming soon.