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Home Insurance Checklist Review

Congratulations on taking the time to review your home insurance coverage!

Once we have your responses to the following questions, we will be back to you with additional information on your home insurance coverage.

Please respond to the following: Yes No
I could replace my home for the limit of insurance on my policy:
My home has an alarm system:
My home is heated with oil:
I have a low temperature monitoring system in my home:
I run my own business from my home or garage:
I own additional properties:
I have included a Personal Umbrella Policy in my insurance program:
Saving money by increasing my deductible is an option I would like:
I know that I have my package account savings on my home insurance policy:
I do not currently have any household employees:
I have included replacement cost on my contents:
I have included coverage for personal injury:

Check all that apply
I do own more that $1000 of any of the following: Jewelry
Business property
I am interested in reviewing my policy for the following coverages: Back Up of Sewer and Water
Identity Fraud
Oil Spill Coverage
Personal Injury
Personal Umbrella Coverage
First Name:
Last Name:

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