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Life Insurance

Do you have a family or other individuals for whom you are responsible?
Do you own a business?
Is your estate worth more then $500,000?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you definitely need life insurance. The big questions are "What type of Life Insurance do I need?" and "How much do I need?"

The purpose of Life Insurance is to provide your loved ones or other designated beneficiaries with a sum of money when you die.

Individuals and business use the proceeds from life insurance to cover a wide variety of needs. Our clients have utilized these funds to replace a spouse's income, pay off a mortgage, pay for a child's education, pay for a person to care for your children, buyout a business partner, hire a person to run your business or to pay the deceased person's estate taxes.

When thinking about life insurance it is important to define your objective for securing this important coverage. Depending upon your specific objective, there are different types of Life Insurance policies to consider: Term Life, Universal Life and Whole Life are a few of the basic choices.

Our professional staff has the experience and the knowledge to review and identify your specific needs. We will evaluate your life insurance options and recommend a policy that best suits the needs of you and your family.

When working with you on your life insurance we will:

  1. Review your specific need for Life Insurance.
  2. Establish a recommendation for the amount of life insurance and the best type of life insurance for you.
  3. Obtain quotes from the various insurance companies and determine the best insurance company based upon underwriting guidelines, pricing and the financial rating of the insurance company.
  4. Submit your life insurance application.
  5. Following the approval of your application, deliver and review your policy.
  6. Review your Life Insurance needs every 3 to 5 years.

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