Team Herlihy Members Visit Brit’s Home In Haiti and Build a Home for a Neighboring Family

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19092834_1358581290844502_3108182450052979758_oLast week Team Herlihy members Colleen, Meagan and Molly spent the week in Grand Goave Haiti at Brit’s Home.

The Be Like Brit organization was established in memory of Britney Gengel who perished in the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Britney was in Haiti on a service trip with her school. For the full story of Brit’s Home you can go to

To view the photos of Team Herlihy and the other group members in action last week you can check out

Since a picture is worth a thousand words and I cannot find adequate words to describe our week, I suggest you take a look at the pictures if you are interested in our week’s adventures.

The dedicated staff at Brit’s Home provided us with an incredible experience. The 66 Be Like Brit’s children who reside at Brit’s Home kept us smiling, laughing and wondering throughout our entire visit.

Our home building project was fulfilling. We have all decided that we will not be changing careers for carpentry and we have a new found respect for trades people! We are also extremely grateful for the limitless patience that our onsite carpenters had with us.

19143957_1359521527417145_2234297648389121554_oThe new homeowner was overcome with joy as she shared with us what this home would mean to her. This Mom had been living in a tin and tarp structure donated by her neighbors. Five of her six children had been sent to live with others as her previous shelter was not adequate for their family. She now has her children safely back with her.

Cherylann Gengel warmly hugged the mom and said, “No mother should be separated from her children”.

The tears flowed.

Team Herlihy invites you to visit the Be Like Brit webpage, follow them on Facebook and keep them in your prayers.

Thanks to ALL of the Be Like Brit people and our Team members who made our trip a memorable and rewarding experience. A special thanks to Cherylann for the dancing.


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